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Surface Restoration & Reconditioning

If your vessel's surface is lacking that reflective shine, let PG Marine bring it back to the best it can be. No matter if your surface is painted or gel coated, we have the knowledge to get the most out of your boat's existing surface.  Depending on the condition, most surfaces can often be returned to their like-new shine by our trained professionals through our years of experience.  No miracle cures here, just a systematic approach to surface restoration and reconditioning based on tried and true practices.

Southeastern Wisconsin's authorized applications specialists for the amazing Ceramic Pro Marine protectant system


Before & After


The Difference Can Be Dramatic


Restoring the Shine

To revive the finish, we clean the surface to remove old wax and contaminants. Next, a multiple-step process is created based on your boat's surface condition and gloss readings. Finally, the restored surface is sealed and protected.

Boat Compounding Services Include:
  • On-site analysis of the extent of oxidation

  • Restoration or reconditioning plan determined

  • Prep surface by cleaning to remove old wax and contaminants

  • Any combination of compounding, buffing, and/or polishing the surface to restore gloss

  • Application of our standard 6-month sealant or full ceramic coating

Not All Surfaces Can Be Restored

In some cases the boat’s surface may be so oxidized that even heavy-duty rubbing compound won’t revive the glossy finish. In those cases the gel-coat needs to be wet-sanded to remove the oxidized layer.

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