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Professional Boat Cleaning and Detailing in Milwaukee


Outside or in, Pro Glow Marine will make sure your boat is ready to enjoy when you arrive

Our most popular services, weekly & bi-weekly detailing, keep your boat clean and ready to use throughout the season. Pro Glow professionals detail your vessel using marine-grade cleaners specifically designed for your boat. Each boat is pampered with special attention, finding and preventing problems before they occur.


Scheduled in-season boat cleanings can include:

  • Gel-coat washed with a pH-neutral boat soap or ceramic infused soap

  • Non-skid cleaned and dressed as needed

  • Exterior metal (aluminum/stainless) wiped down and dressed as needed

  • Cockpit wiped down, carpet vacuumed, and windows cleaned

  • Vinyl seats cleaned and dressed

  • Strataglass® and/or Eisenglass® cleaned and treated

  • Treated for spiders initially in spring and as needed throughout the season

* Since each detailing package is individualized per customer, price estimates are given upon request. Please reach out to schedule an individualized estimate.

Pro Glow Marine is Southeastern Wisconsin's authorized applications specialists for the Ceramic Pro Marine protectant system


Call: (414) 823-3416

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